My wife Pam and I adopted Roscoe in 2009 when he was only six months old. He quickly became attached to me and we've been best friends ever since. He's not a house dog, but we have a doggie door on a garage door and our garage is heated and cooled, so he has a very good home.

There were times during the pandemic that I tried to work from home when the office was closed. I can tell you that I have a hard time with Roscoe. When I'm home he knows I'm in my office and comes to the front porch and stands up in one of my office windows and begs me to come out and play with him.

Most of the time I can't resist. When I do resist, it's futile, because he does not give up.

The video is 23 sec. Be prepared if you have the sound on at 19 sec.

Roscoe's favorite thing in the world is to ride in the back of my golf cart. I think it's partly because his legs are so short, and he sees everything from a new perspective at that height. He always has an expression like he's seeing places on our five acres for the first time. He brings me so much joy.