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cook and company's I.T. Department designs, creates and hosts websites for business clients

We Rock Secure Technology!

We created and host this website. We can do the same for your business. We operate information technology systems and tools that manage millions in tax dollars.

With such a "seasonal business", we are forced to actively seek ways to increase efficiency in order to realize the greatest output in a ten week period each year. A good example is our secure online appointment scheduler.

Scheduling Your Appointment Online

Many of our clients find it more convenient than calling and having a conversation. The client can cancel, change their mind, change to a different date and time or simply stop and come back to it later if they need to.

In addition to the many benefits to the client, the secure online appointment scheduler has benefits for my firm. It removes a very large amount of time consuming workload from my front-office staff. It reduces conflicts by eliminating the possibility of double or over booking due to human error.

Our system sends an email confirmation with the date and time of the appointment and provides a link for the client to cancel or reschedule should something come up. It also sends a text message and email reminder the day before the appointment.

Now, when a popular news story about taxes is aired on TV and lots of people have the same idea, "hey, I should schedule my tax appointment."  It doesn't matter if 50 or 100 clients are scheduling at the same time. It also doesn't matter if it's during the 10 o'clock news at night!

Secure Client Portal

Obtaining and storing your copies of tax returns can actually be more secure in digital format than paper. Now you can clean out that filing cabinet, closet or attic space at home! And, when you need to provide a copy to a third party, like your banker or a lender, they will have it in minutes rather than days.

It's all about you, and how we can serve you better!

At Cook & Co. we believe the continuous improvement of the processes and systems that support our mission are crucial to our success. We've been reasonbly successful by any standard and have utilized our technology resources to assist business clients in developing and furthering their own business interests.

The workstations in the Tax Department all have overhead monitors with our schedule on them.

Our schedules are updated in real-time. In 2012 for the 2011 Tax Filing Season we operated a digital appointment calendar along-side our old manual paper schedule. In 2013 we abandoned the manual system entirely for our new online system.

Overhead schedule monitors in the Tax Department overhead schedule monitors

Online security has always been our first priority. finger pointing to online security on a tablet

With this redesign, I'm also moving all of the website assets to secure access, https.

My wife's most convincing argument for a more simple redesign was this. "People do not want to become tax experts by reading a dissertation on how they can save taxes by taking a distribution of company stock rather than cash from their retirement plan. That's why they come to you."

She's right. I'm going to make an effort to reduce future articles and video commentary to major points of the subject matter.

Greg on Website Design