Perhaps it is coincidental that tax season and tornado season come at the same time each year here in north Alabama. The weather can wreck and play havoc with our tight schedule at the office.

We prepare and file 2,000 tax returns in a ten-week period each year and anything that takes any of that time away from us causes a great hardship. It is due to the fact that we have to schedule those missed appointments in and around the existing future appointment and there is a finite number of slots.

We always seem to manage though. After the tornados of April 2011, I had a 36kw Generac natural gas powered generator installed that will provide power to the entire building.

February 15th and 16th of 2021 saw extreme cold weather and icey roads that shut us down for two days.

We serve clientele that geographically live from Birmingham, Alabama to Nashville, Tennessee for the most part and the majority of those people physically come to the office once each year. Since the Covid Virus Pandemic many of our clients are working remotely with us. But none of my employees work from home.