Firm Portal Guide

Overview of Firm Portal

Use this guide to help you use the firm portal

The firm portal is a safe and secure way to share documents and access invoices. Invoices can even be paid through the portal.

First Time Sign In - When you are granted access to the firm portal, a welcome email is sent to you. Open the email and click Sign in to your account. The Sign In page opens in your web browser. Enter your email address and the temporary password from the welcome email. Click Login.

Complete the welcome form. When creating your new firm portal password, note that the password must be at least 8 characters long and contain at least one number, one uppercase letter, and one lower case letter. Click Sign In.

Set Your Password

Use Something You Will Remember

After signing in the first time with the temporary password we send, you will be prompted to set your password to something you will remember. We do not have access to your password.

Notification that your password has been changed appears. Click Back to Login

set your password

The Sign In page reappears. This time (and for any future sign in) enter your email address and the new password you just created and click Login.

set your password
Password Reset

Forgot Your Password?

In the event that you forget your password, simply click "Forgot Password" on the login screen, enter your email address that you use to login and click submit.
forgot your password

An email with a link will be sent to you.
Working with Documents

The firm portal displays a list of documents for your account

Searching for Documents - Select the search button and enter the document name (or a portion of the document name) in the box. Documents matching the search string are listed. Click X to clear the search.

Filtering the Document List - Select the filter button and the filter menu appears. Select how you want to sort and order the document list. Downloading Documents - Find the document in the list and click Download.

drag and drop documents

Uploading Documents - In the Uploading Documents pane on the main window, do one of the following: Find the file or files in the File Explorer and drag and drop them onto the pane. Or, select Browse File. From the Open window find and select the document and click Open. The Upload New Document window appears. Select a document tag to categorize the document. Click UPLOAD.

category tag for documents
browse to select and upload documents

portal documents

Deleting Documents - Select the document name, then select Delete Document. Working with Invoices - The Invoices tab on the firm portal displays a list of invoices for your account. Click the Make Payment button. The Make a Payment window appears. If you see the payment method to use listed, go to step 4. Otherwise, click Add Card. Enter the information for the new payment method and click SUBMIT.

Check the payment method and click NEXT. Click PAY. Payment confirmation appears. Click CLOSE. Notice that once the page is refreshed, the invoice is marked as paid.

If you need assistance, please don't hesitate to call us for help.

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Do I have to make the trip to Arab to file my taxes?
No. We have approximately 400 clients that we work with long distance. In fact, we have numerous clients that have been clients for many years that we have never met face to face. With technology today, it's easy and secure.
Are you accepting new clients?
Yes. We lose a number of clients each year to various reasons like death, they move away and are uncomfortable with the long-distance relationship, or their daughter marries a CPA, so we need to take on new clients due to this attrition.
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