Drop Off
Tax Documents

Wait in Car or Lobby

We will quickly scan the documents

... and return the originals to you before you leave!

In fact, if you want to call the office once you arrive, Shelby will come out to your car to get the documents. She will have them scanned and brought back out to you. We are making every effort to protect employees and clients alike.

"There have been a lot of hard learned lessons and some opportunities for small businesses that came as a result of this Coronavirus Pandemic. A lot of businesses are going to close forever as a result of this disaster. For the businesses that survive, hopefully they will learn and be even better prepared in the future. I have been working about 18 hours per day for the last week, with only brief breaks to spend time with my wife and family." -Greg Cook

"Greg is asking for your help this Tax Season, to please work with us by phone, portal, mail and drop-off to get through this difficult time."
- Shelby Bennett, Receptionist
Shelby Bennett, Receptionist at Cook & Co. Tax Advisors