Yesterday Marked the Halfway Point of Tax Season

Our tax filing season is ten weeks, and February 1st to March 10th marks the five week midpoint. We have run half of our marathon and filed 1,027 tax returns!

Our two busiest weeks are the last week of March and first week of April. As I reported last Sunday, our two slowest weeks are the last week of February and the first week of March. Your response to that article was so positive, I have to say thank you. We had experienced 762 telephone calls the week before, with 200 of them being on Monday.

Last week we had 827 telephone calls with only 178 being on Monday.

On behalf of Tracie, Brooke, Danielle and Christina, I want to sincerely thank you for not overwhelming the front office on Monday and choosing to call on the other days of the week. It made a difference and allows us to serve everyone better.

Google sent this report for the month of February.


According to Google, 1,300 people found us on Google. Fifty-seven people asked Google for directions to our office, ninety-one people visited our website and seventy-two people called us from Google searches. Thank you Google.

Our Policy on New Clients

We are accepting new clients. We have to, because we lose some clients to death and other reasons each year. However, we have limitations and hope that you will understand. We place the highest priority on referrals. If you have been referred by a long time client of ours, we will make an extra effort for you.

Our Policy on Extensions

We do not file extensions because we cannot get the work done. If we file an extension, it is because the client does not have all of the needed information available.

On a Final Note

I was Honorary Secretary of State on April 15, 2003. Michael Johnson is campaigning for that job and he is Pam’s second or third cousin and a really good guy. Please vote for him. It will be good for our state.

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