The Week Ahead

On this day of rest, I reflect on last week, our tenth and final full week of the 2017-18 tax filing season. And I look ahead to the coming week and the Tuesday deadline.

We will close the office at 5:00 pm on Tuesday and reopen Monday April 23rd, when we will be on after tax-season hours of 9 to 5 Monday through Thursday. There are always a lot of sacrifices made by my 12 team members during tax season and we all put off things at home that need our attention. Our family members also endure the hardships that come with the extremely long hours required to achieve our objectives.

I can only hope that everyone gets some much needed rest as they also catch up on home life.

I realize the Wednesday through Sunday break is brief, but I can tell you that it will seem like an extended vacation to me after the hectic pace we all have experienced. Monday the 23rd will be here before we know it!

The front office tells me that we have filed 1,959 tax returns and will most certainly hit our goal of 2,000, if not by Tuesday, then the following week of the 23rd because we already have clients with extensions scheduled. If you have waited until the last minute and are unable to get in by Tuesday, let me know. We can still file an extension and see you the week of the 23rd.

We had 889 telephone calls last week!


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