Document Exchange

The Postal Service is the LEAST SECURE method of exchanging documents.

Today is Monday April 8th and I just had to respond to a client inquiry because we mailed a package to him on April 3rd and it has not yet made the trip from Arab to Huntsville. It is true that all mail that leaves Arab must first go to Brimingham to be routed to a final destination. It’s kind of like flying commercial and having to go through Atlanta first in order to get to where you are going.

Even with the trip to and from Birmingham factored in, my client’s package should have been delivered by now.

I’m seriously considering implementing a new policy next year. If you want paper, you can pay an extra $15 for a call to come pick it up or $30 Plus Cost for me to send an employee to the Post Office to mail it over-night, certified, return receipt requested and get a tracking number.