A Messsage
from Greg

February 19, 2019

Gregory J. Cook, EA, CPA

Accredited Tax Advisor

Exciting Start to 2019


Dustin Toney and Robert Mobley are both doing a great job assisting clients. Either of these guys can do my personal taxes! Often a client is hesitant to schedule with the new guy. I'm telling you, these guys are the best. They inspire me.

I.T. Security

Our tax software, document management system, client portal, website, appointment schedule and even the client newsletter were all reviewed with security upgrades implemented. In addition, our firewall, servers, workstations and local network were recipients of security reviews and updates. If you're interested in that stuff you can read more on bara.net.

The importance of securing client information has always been a part of our culture and a priority at this firm. The good side of that is that you should rest assured that we will protect your data, as we always have. The bad side is that we must pass a part of that cost along to you, the client.

New Clients

A high percentage of our clients have either business interests, farms, rental properties or investments. The new tax law changes are pushing this percentage even higher. While we are accepting new clients, we see our limited capacity being stressed more and more.

Greg Cook


We have worked with 12 new clients to date, and have 6 more on the schedule. I planned and prepared to accept 80 new clients this year. So if you have a friend, neighbor or family member that could use our services, please refer them to us.

And rest assured that we will never do more than acknowledge the fact that we know you.

Gregory J. Cook