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Our success with this website just keeps climbing.

Content and the code that presents the content are the two factors that determine the ultimate success or failure of a web site.

We gain new clients and work on a regular basis, from a State of New York Government Employee with a tax problem to a Medical Doctor in Nashville whose accountant didn't understand Oil and Gas investments. It is very rewarding when your hard work pays off.

Content and Code

You must have both good content and good code because either one is worthless without the other.

You can have the best content in the world, but if it doesn't display properly on the viewer's device it is no good. Alternatively, you can have the best code for your website design, but without good content to attract visitors from the search engines, nobody will see your pretty site. There are other factors such as speed (visitors will leave your page if they have to wait for it to load), but the two main factors are content and code.

Before deploying a web site we use the following tools to identify problem areas and optimize the site for speed.
  1. Validator.nu (X)HTML5 Validator
  2. Google Webmaster Tools - Structured Data Testing Tool
  3. Web Page Test
  4. GTMetrix
  5. Google Developers PageSpeed Insights
  6. ByteCheck
  7. Screenfly
  8. Server Headers Check
Because internet users have a very large variety of computers and devices, monitor sizes and viewing screens, connection speeds and browsers, all of these with many adjustment settings; users will see your website very differently. Webmasters are faced with many decisions during the design process, all of which are a "compromise" to provide the best user experience to the largest audience.
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