Filing Tax Returns Summary

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We Talk!

The Agent asks you questions, we scan your documents, return originals to you and provide an estimate of the results. You're done!

We Review and Debug

The Reviewers compare what the Agent keyed with source docs. We run more diagnostics to look for red flags.

Electronically File

Returns are transmitted to the federal and state governments. We receive acknowledgement of acceptance within 24-48 hours.

Individual Steps

(15 min.)... The client's Current File (a current file is kept on the main floor and contains the last three year's returns and information) is pulled, reviewed and placed at the Receptionist Desk the evening before the appointment. When the client arrives for his/her scheduled appointment, the Receptionist attaches a Control Card (numerically sequenced work order) to the file. Current information is verified (i.e., address, phone numbers, email, etc.), prior to Mr. Cook greeting the client and escorting them to the Tax Department for the interview meeting with their assigned Agent. (average 10 min. day before and 5 min. upon client arrival)
(30 min. to 3 hours)... During the interview process the Agent asks many questions and will gather all of the necessary data needed to prepare the returns. The Agent keys the data into our main server via a desktop workstation and we scan all of your documents and return the originals to you. The Agent processes the return on our main computer which checks for diagnostics. At the conclusion of the meeting the Agent will review a summary of the data and give the client an estimate of the results and obtains the clients signature (which we keep on file in our office). The Agent then escorts the client and delivers the client file to our Cashier. (average 45 min. to 1 hour)
(10 to 15 min.)... The cashier processes payment by check, cash or credit card, stamps and marks the Control Card, gives a receipt to the client and forwards the file to the Control Desk Operator. The Control Desk Operator logs the client file in the Control Desk Log (i.e., client name, number, agent and status). The file is then forwarded to our Processing Center (just across the room) to a Reviewer.
(20 min. to 45 min.)... The Reviewer analyzes and compares the paper in the file with what the Agent has keyed into the main computer system. Again our software runs a myriad of diagnostic checks on the return. If any discrepancies or questionable items are found, the file is either referred to a Specialist or flagged and placed in the Agent's mail box. Our purpose here is to see which parts of the tax code are applicable to this return and how the items are treated. We are looking for every break available to the client under the law, (if there is nothing for us to delve into, we skip to Step Six).
(5 min. to 2 hours)... A meeting between the Specialist and the Agent on topics ranging from Exercised Stock Options, a Casualty Loss, AMT, Depreciation Elections, Estimated Tax Payments, etc., (usually a phone call to the client is involved).
(normally 24 hours)... The file is forwarded to the ERO for electronic transmission to the Federal and State Governments. The ERO triple checks the return for accuracy and transmits the returns. Once an Acknowledgment of Acceptance is received, the file goes to the next step. If either the Federal or State return is rejected, an attempt is made to correct the problem. If the problem can't be rectified (i.e., someone has used the taxpayers' social security number), then a paper return must be filed. Either way, the file is sent to a Clerk for assembly and/or upload to our secure portal. (the ERO spends an average of 15 min. on each file)
(30 min.)... The Clerk uploads the client returns to the portal. If any paper is required, prints and assembles federal or state filing copies as required.
(10 min. to 15 min.)... If there were any deviance or change in the outcome, we will call to discuss. Then we upload a new signature form through the portal for your signature.
(15 min. to 20 min.)... At this point our work is complete and the client file is reviewed prior to returning to our permanent file system. We check for paper documents that should be scanned, shredded or retained permanently.
(2 min. to 5 min.)... A/R Clerk checks to ensure that client receives a billing if required.