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We rock

We operate information technology systems and tools that manage millions in tax dollars.

At Cook & Co. we believe the continuous improvement of the processes and systems that support our mission are crucial to our success.

With such a "seasonal business", we are forced to actively seek ways to increase efficiency in order to realize the greatest output in a ten week period each year. We've been reasonbly successful by any standard and have utilized our technology resources to assist business clients in developing and furthering their own business interests.



Whether it's creating a website that works on cell phones as well as desktops, securely delivering digital documents or whatever. All projects begin with an idea.


In the design phase we consider potential problems, risks, cost effectiveness and all aspects of the proposed project, devoting time and attention to details.


The time and cost in the development stage is always a direct reflection of the time and effort invested in the design phase. More time in design equals less time here.


Thorough testing and debugging is always required. In fact, even after all the testing in the world most projects require continual monitoring and testing.


Nothing is more satisfying than successfully realizing your objectives. As time goes by you may find that the entire process repeats itself.

Technology in Action

Our Online Appointment Scheduler

In 2012 for the 2011 Tax Filing Season we operated a digital appointment calendar along-side our old manual paper schedule. In 2013 we abandoned the manual system entirely for our new online system. The digital calendar has so many features, but the number one advantage is CLIENT CONVENIENCE.

Today, If a client calls our receptionist to schedule an appointment, the receptionist actually just completes the same online process for the client.

The Online Appointment Scheduler is very simple. The client clicks on the service, for example "Income Tax Preparation", selects the Agent with whom they want the appointment at which point they will be presented with five of the soonest available options or can select the date and time of their choosing. The system will acknowledge if their requested day and time is available and if so, advise the client that they will receive an email acknowledgement confirming the appointment.

Other options available to the client when they schedule the appointment online are to receive a text message reminder (in addition to the standard email reminder) the day before their appointment on their cell phone and the ability to return later to reschedule in the event something comes up. Other advantages include the option of changing accountants without the need to discuss it with the Receptionist, the process is much faster due to the fact that the client can quickly browse openings without the Receptionist paging through multiple pages to locate openings.

The digital Appointment Calendar has other advantages over the old manual process as well. This system will prevent "double booking" any Agent on the same time slot. In the past a double booking error was possible if the Receptionist inadvertantly recorded an appointment in the wrong space. So the client can be assured that the given time is blocked-out for them and them alone. When a client makes an appointment with our system, that appointment is visible only to the client and us. All others only see that a particular time slot is unavailable.


The first sample project is the web site of the Alabama Society of Enrolled Agents headquartered in Birmingham. We created and host this web site. It's running on Drupal. The second example is the website of the Mississippi Society of Enrolled Agents headquartered in Jackson. We created and host this site. It uses Wordpress.

Our third project shown here is the web site of Cyrano Creativity Consultants, LLC a business client that specializes in German-American trade. We also created and host this web site.

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