We Rock Secure Technology!

We created and host this website. We can do the same for your business. We operate information technology systems and tools that manage millions in tax dollars.

With such a "seasonal business", we are forced to actively seek ways to increase efficiency in order to realize the greatest output in a ten week period each year.

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At Cook & Co. we believe the continuous improvement of the processes and systems that support our mission are crucial to our success. We've been reasonbly successful by any standard and have utilized our technology resources to assist business clients in developing and furthering their own business interests.

This Most Recent Website Redesign

My wife Pam has encouraged me for years to be less wordy, throw out any unnecessary distractions, unclutter and go as simple as possible on the individual pages. After many years, I finally listened to her. This is the result.

Designing pages from a mobile first perspective never appealed to me. First, only 30% of our traffic is from cell phones and tablets. That leaves 70% of our visitors still using desktop computers. Logic says, design for the majority.

Secondly, no matter how hard I try, the perfect page for a mobile device always seems so much less than what it could be, when it resizes to a desktop screen. Responsive design (pages that adapt to the size of the viewing screen) always involves concessions and compromises.

And finally, addressing the need for speed is much like preparing a sports car for competition. You start by getting rid of anything and everything nonessential that adds weight. In this case, that means javascript and css files. Lightweight equals no frills.

An Experiment in Simplicity

My wife's most convincing argument for a more simple redesign was this. "People do not want to become tax experts by reading a dissertation on how they can save taxes by taking a distribution of company stock rather than cash from their retirement plan. That's why they come to you."

She's right. I'm going to make an effort to reduce future articles and video commentary to major points of the subject matter.