greg cook

This business is actually older than I am. We celebrated 50 years in business at the same location, back in 2007, (read the two page newspaper story here).

It takes a strong commitment and dedication from the entire staff, coupled with loyalty from the clients for a business to continue and prosper beyond multiple generations.

Client loyalty is about earning people’s enthusiastic commitment to a relationship that will improve their lives over the long run. When clients trust we have the capability and commitment to help build their success, they will commit to doing the same in return. But they must see more than good intentions and kind words.

Our founder, Al LaGrone started this business over a half-century ago with a rational plan and a high value placed on personal relationships. Today I have relationships with clients in all fifty states and several foreign countries. Many of those clients, I only get to see face-to-face, one time each year.

Social Media helps us maintain our connections from great distances.
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