Integration of all
programs on the office

Office Tools Professional allows us to sync data between our document management system, tax programs, Outlook, QuickBooks and Tax Tools!


Encrypted email
with the use of security

Our emails have a security certificate attached that secures the message in transit. If the client installs the certificate on their device, return mail to us will also be encrypted.

biometric door access with thumb print

Scheduled employee
biometric access
to our building

Biometric access to the building strctly ensures that no codes can be obtained by unauthorized personnel.

digital calendar

Online digital
calendar for appointment

The digital calendar has so many features, but the number one advantage is CLIENT CONVENIENCE.

secure document exchange

Secure document exchange
between the firm
and our clients

Whether you're at work, at home, or on vacation, you always have access to your tax returns, financial work papers, or accounting database.

Category: Graphic design, Web design

Client: Private

Date: January 2015

Tags: Identity, Print, Web

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Today, with our archive of older records the system has grown to more than 1.8 Terabytes of data. We recently expanded our storage and backup capacity to allow for projected future growth. The ability to retain and store source documents used in connection with tax filings has greatly enhanced our process of representing clients in Federal and State Income Tax Audits. In addition it has expedited successful and much quicker closings of the audits. When a Revenue Agent would send an Information Document Request (IDR) in the past, it might take days for us to get the document from the client and forward it to the Agent. Today we respond almost immediately.