female researcher

New Option for Claiming Research Credit

For Small Business Startups, IRS Explains New Option for Claiming Research Credit; Option Still Available for Those That Already Filed The Internal Revenue Service issued interim guidance explaining how eligible small businesses can take advantage of a new option enabling them…
accountant at desk

Interim Results of the 2017 Filing Season

The Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) Releases Interim Results of Report on 2017 Tax Filing Season. The final report with recommendations to the IRS will be released in September. In preparation for the 2017 Filing Season, the IRS…
april 15th tax filing deadline

Tax Filing Deadline

The tax deadline of Tuesday, April 18, is later this year due to several factors. The usual April 15 deadline falls on Saturday this year, which would give taxpayers until the following Monday to file. However, Emancipation Day, a holiday…

Making Estimated Tax Payments

Taxpayers usually will have taxes withheld from their pay if they are an employee. However, if a person doesn’t have taxes withheld, or they don’t have enough tax withheld, they may need to make estimated tax payments. Taxpayers that are…
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