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Credit card companies want your business and are willing to offer you plenty of perks in order to convert you into one of their loyal customers.

There are several different 0 APR credit cards on the market today.

While the zero annual percentage rate may be enough to make you want to apply, you should know that not all of these products are the same. There are several factors that should be considered before you make your choice.

If rewards are important to you, choose a credit card that offers a solid reward system. Those that have never benefited from reward based products should take a closer look. There is no reason to not benefit from the spending that you already do. It is entirely possible to earn free flights, as well as other perks. If you only hold onto a credit card for emergency purposes, a reward system will not help you much. However, those that actively use their card can benefit greatly.

There are also 0 APR credit cards that offer cash back. Not all cash back offers are the same. Some offer a percentage on anything you purchase, while others require you to purchase items in specific categories in order to quality. Some cover both. There are also cash back offers in which the category changes from month to month. These can be quite confusing, but tend to be the most rewarding. If you want a card that offers a simple cash back system, choose one that rewards you for any type of spending.

Not all 0 APR credit cards stay at that level forever. It may be that the zero APR is only in effect for an introductory period. This is not a scam, and is actually quite common. You must remember that credit card companies are in business to make money. If they offered everyone a zero percent interest rate, they would never make a profit. What is most important is to find out exactly how long the introductory period lasts, and take advantage of this time to make the purchases you want to make.

It may also be possible to choose a card that offers zero APR on balance transfers. If you have an existing card with a high interest rate, you should look into transferring the balance. Far too many people overlook this option because they fear that making the change will be a hassle. In reality, it only requires filling in a few additional fields on your application to complete a balance transfer.

Though some people are shying away from credit cards, they do remain an important part of our lives if used wisely. If you travel, a credit card is a must.
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